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Considerations When Performing a Business Valuation

By on Jul 31, 2017 in Business Valuation, News | 0 comments

Considerations in Determining Value There are many things that go into valuing a business. We like to say that the endeavor of business valuation is “part science and part art”. The science is usually a fairly objective pursuit involving crunching numbers and cash flow multiples etc. Whereas, the “art” part is often a partially subjective endeavor where experience,...

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Checklist for Selling & Operating your Business

By on Jul 21, 2017 in News, Seller FAQ, Selling a Business | 0 comments

Checklist for selling & operating your business   Be confident- A good rule for most any endeavor in business & life. You are going to make the case to a buyer why your business is the best thing since “sliced bread” or at least a great investment.   Be credible: This is essential! If the credibility of seller is lost or called into question, it...

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I Can Do Sales & Marketing, So Why Should I Use A Professional Intermediary?

By on Jul 11, 2017 in News, Seller FAQ, Selling a Business | 0 comments

  27 Reasons to use a Professional Intermediary   To maintain confidentiality: it is difficult to be working in your business and talking to prospective buyers on phone, without “letting cat out of the bag”! Someone to coordinate the key participants: schedules phone calls and meetings. A professional intermediary regularly interfaces with “Deal”...

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