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Checklist for Selling & Operating your Business

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Checklist for selling & operating your business   Be confident- A good rule for most any endeavor in business & life. You are going to make the case to a buyer why your business is the best thing since “sliced bread” or at least a great investment.   Be credible: This is essential! If the credibility of seller is lost or called into question, it...

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I Can Do Sales & Marketing, So Why Should I Use A Professional Intermediary?

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  27 Reasons to use a Professional Intermediary   To maintain confidentiality: it is difficult to be working in your business and talking to prospective buyers on phone, without “letting cat out of the bag”! Someone to coordinate the key participants: schedules phone calls and meetings. A professional intermediary regularly interfaces with “Deal”...

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What Business Information Will I, As A Seller, Need To Share With A Buyer?

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  A seminar that we do is called “What to expect, when you’re expecting….to sell a business”.  In that presentation one of the things that we discuss is the business information that the seller is going to be sharing with the buyer(s).  The short answer is “a lot”. Of course, we are only talking about “qualified” buyers, who have signed a confidentiality...

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