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Interested in Selling a Business?

We sincerely appreciate your interest!  Please give us a call to schedule a meeting. We would like to discuss your business, your goals, and your options. There is absolutely no obligation.

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Not sure if you are ready to sell?

If you are unsure about selling, a business valuation is a good place to start. We can assess the current value of your business in the marketplace. It’s similar to having a real estate agent suggest a list price for your house.   If that valuation returns a lower value of your business that you were expecting, we suggest a business assessment.  The assessment will identify areas for improvement that will ultimately increase the value of your business. Please contact us to discuss either of these processes.

Interested in Buying a Business?

Thank you for your interest in Entrust Associates. The process of buying a business is extremely confidential. Business owners who are selling are asked to disclose sensitive information. In order for us to release this detailed and confidential information on any of our current listings, we ask that you complete and return our buyer documents, which include a confidentiality agreement.  Please fill out the online document. The information will be automatically submitted to us. If you prefer, you may download them here . Once completed, scan and email them back to us at or fax them to 919.287.2848. 

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For Buyers and Sellers

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