Business Brokers and Advisors

Guiding Principles

The Entrust Approach to Business Sales Is Founded on a Set of Core Principles.

  • All relationships (whether business or personal) are based on integrity, honesty, and fairness.
  • A successful transaction must be based on an honest relationship between seller and buyer. The surest way to undermine a deal is for buyers to sense that critical information has been hidden from them. It is our responsibility to foster an honest relationship with the buyer by providing a truthful assessment of all issues.
  • When you retain us, you are securing our expertise, creativity, and judgment. If there is a way to make a deal work for both parties, you should expect us to be able to identify it. If problems arise during due diligence or legal negotiations, you should expect us to bring a knowledgeable problem-solving approach to them.
  • You are hiring us to listen to your goals and develop the right strategies to help you meet those goals. Our priority is the attainment of your goals, not ours.
  • In determining the value in a business, we work to identify the opportunities as well as the challenges. Pricing a business is more of an art than a science. It is our job to identify pricing methods that most accurately reflect the value of a business. We will help buyers understand the pricing approach we have used and the factors that make your business unique and valuable.
  • No one has all the answers, but experience does bring knowledge, and with the combined experience of us all at Entrust, we bring unique and sophisticated insights to bear on helping you sell your business. We will use all of our “know-how” to make sure you can get all the answers you need during the selling process.
  • We only work with businesses that we would be willing to buy ourselves. In addition to receiving our expertise and judgment, you gain our enthusiasm–and it is this honest enthusiasm about your business that buyers will see that can make the difference in a successful sale.
  • Successful business transactions are founded on win-win negotiations. Approaching transactions with a win-win problem-solving approach has an almost magical dynamic to it. As each party sees that the other is concerned about its interests, each offers ways to help the other. This dynamic is a better way to build a more successful relationship and, ultimately, a more successful deal.
  • Overcoming the challenges that arise during a transaction is the real test of our skills. We enjoy doing it, and we will do our best to make the process as smooth as possible for you.