Business Brokers and Advisors

KW Commercial

As Licensed Real Estate brokers, Entrust Associates is affiliated and has formed a synergistic alliance with KW Commercial, part of the Keller Williams realty firm in Raleigh.  We have also relocated our offices within the Keller-Williams building.

This relationship we have benefits our clients in several ways.

At times, a business will come with real estate. While we can value the business portion of the transaction, valuing commercial property is something we leave to the professionals—the agents at KW Commercial. Together, KW Commercial and we, at Entrust, can provide both the seller and the buyer with the most accurate assessment of the business and real estate.

Another benefit of the KW Commercial / Entrust relationship is that our brokers communicate with the KW agents and are therefore able to market businesses to a much wider scope of buyers. An example of the benefits of this relationship, a given business listing that includes a Real Estate component, can be marketed by Entrust in three ways: through Entrust’s normal channels, as a business with real estate; through KW’s channels as real estate with business; and possibly as a raw real estate development option, if that turns out to be the highest value and best use of the property.